Indaba Marketing Inc. is a fully integrated boutique marketing consultancy. Through a holistic approach to the marketing and communication process, Indaba Marketing develops extraordinary ideas, generates opportunities, creates presence, and changes perceptions.

We pride ourselves in our core values - our creative approach; our unprecedented client service; our connections with other professionals; our can do attitude; and our passion for excellence.

Indaba Marketing’s core areas of expertise are:

Brand Marketing

Identity, Equity, Image, Positioning, Management, Strategic Consultancy, Creative Strategies


Targeted Communications, Advertising/Promotion, Web Development, Search Marketing, Social Media Optimizing, Event Management

Corporate Communications

Proactive Media Relations, Media Audits, Strategic Planning, Community Relations, Product & Service Launches

Creative Event Development

Product Launch Events, Project Management, Press and PR Events, Customer Days, Seminars, Conferences

Online Reputation Management

Online PR, Strategy Development, Social Networking, Online Marketing Communications Research, Newsletters, Copy Writing, Websites


Product Launch Campaigns, Industry Relationship Building, Media / Industry Publication Development & Placement

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